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no okay but let me tell you a story

so at school I’m generally a pretty quiet person. I talk to a few people, I have a few friends, but I keep to myself a lot. So anyway, during lunch I’m on tumblr mobile, and this thing comes up. I put the gif onto full screen, and kind of half laugh at it. Then this guy who I have literally never talked to before walks by and then slowly back up and starts looking at my phone screen. I try to explain what I’m looking at, but really, how the hell do you explain this? Anyway, he waves over one of his friends so his friend comes over and looks at it. I’m still sitting in my chair, and we are all still completely silent. Soon more people begin to gather. 12 people, to be exact. 12 people, many of which I have never spoken to before, standing in a large, silent, ritual-esque circle around my iphone which is playing this gif on loop. After about five minutes, the first guy goes “how long is this?” and I was like “uh, its, um, its a gif, so it kind of goes on forever.” he nods and says “perfect”. These were the only words spoken throughout this whole event.

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“ Del odio al amor solo hay unos putasos que te voy a dar por pendejo. ”

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“ El se enamorará realmente de ti cuando tu te enamores de alguien mas. ”

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mas Simpsons aqui

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Esta es la flecha del destino, reblogueala y verás lo que hay preparado para ti. Aquella persona/frase/cosa tendrá algo que ver con tu futuro.

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